Mountain Pagoda
Taroko National Park, Taiwan
台灣 香蕉 太魯閣
© Alton Thompson 唐博敦
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Thanks for visiting. Thanks again to everyone who gave this first-year photoblog their endorsement in the annual Taiwanderful awards. And special thanks again to the models, designers, makeup artists, managers and impresarios whose expertise I have so much appreciated.

Art has a way of making us mindful, of calling us from the chatter and spilkus that often runs inside our heads to notice something nowIf you find something of that experience here, though modest in magnitude, I'm glad. And if in any way you find your experience of Taiwan enhanced, I'm delighted.

Here's wishing you peace and joy in the new year.

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Taiwan Photoblog 2010 Finalist

We're a finalist! Thanks to Craig Ferguson and David Reid for listing this photoblog in their selective year-end roundups of Taiwan blogs.

If you would like to give us a little love in the annual Taiwanderful blog beauty contest, just follow this link and click on the + to vote. Voting closes at the end of the day December 20 Monday.

When I began in January 2010 I expected this blog to be a one-year project. Expect it now to keep going–thanks to the encouraging level of interest it has drawn. Thanks to you.

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International Manga Expo
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
台灣 台北 國立臺灣大學
© Alton Thompson 唐博敦

The season is upon us. Visit my article about photography and cosplay.




Shrine of Ruesha Laoren
Chénghuáng Miào 城隍廟
(Prefectural City God Temple)
Tainan, Taiwan 台灣 台南
© Alton Thompson 唐博敦

Tokens of betrothal on display at the temple of the marriage god. Left by couples requesting that the deity remember them on their wedding day.


Eye for Ideas

eye for ideas

Xinyi District
Taipei, Taiwan
台灣 台北
© Alton Thompson 唐博敦
Taiwanese street performers promote Yahoo Knowledge Partners. Taipei hosts the annual Computex international technology show. The 2010 event takes place June 1-5.




Love River District
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
台灣 高雄
© Alton Thompson 唐博敦

Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition
Taiwan Mussorgsky Project


NTNU Concert and Exhibition

green museum

You are invited!

April 10 Saturday 18:00 (6:00 pm)
National Palace Museum
Basement Level, Main Building
Taipei, Taiwan

NTNU Symphony Winds and Brass of the National Taiwan Normal University
Apo Hsu, music director
Alton Thompson, guest conductor and photographer

Admission is free to the public.

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)
Serenade for Winds opus 44 in D Minor

- IV. Finale: Allegro molto
Symphony Serenade Ensemble
Conductor: Alton Thompson

Eugène Bozza (1905-1991)
Variations sur con theme libre

- Theme: Andantino
- Variation 3: Allegro
- Variation 4: Calme
- Variation 6: Allegro vivo
Symphony Woodwind Quintet

Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881)
Selections from 'Pictures at an Exhibition'
NTNU Faculty Brass Quintet
(images by Alton Thompson)
- Promenade
- The Old Castle
- Interlude (Promenade)
- Tuileries
- Bydlo (Oxen)
- Promenade
- Chicks in Shells
- Limoges Market
- Great Gate of Kiev
Selected popular pieces
NTNU Faculty Brass Quintet

Symphony Serenade Ensemble (Dvořák):
Oboes: Chen Guan-Zhen, Wu Meng-Rong
Clarinets: Chen Zun Philip, Wang Yiting
Bassoons: Yu Cheng-Huan, Chen Guanrong, Yi 妘
Horns: Lam Yi-Chen, Li Huiyi, Zhang Yu-Wen
Cello: 萧惠
Double Bass: Hui Chien-Min
Symphony Woodwind Quintet (Bozza):
Wu Jianhui, Wu Meng-Rong, Lin Yu-Zhen, Chen Guanrong, Li Huiyi
Faculty Brass Quintet (Mussorgsky):
Wei Manshi, Wang Yang, Lam Yi, Chen Zeng 书桓, Yang Zhaoxiang

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The Cosplay’s the Thing

Few photographers in Taiwan can resist the call of the cosplayer: that aficionado of the fantastic who dons eye-catching costumes and welcomes cameras to record the result. The events at which the cosplayer appears are some of the most lively gatherings in pop culture. In Taiwan these events provide a perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with your community and your camera. When that professional model or friend has a full calendar, count on the cosplayer to ride to your rescue, plastic lasergun drawn and turquoise hair streaming.

Watch this post for a discussion, revised from an earlier feature, about cosplay and photography. Here is an excellent opportunity for new photographers to build portrait-making skills and for photographers of every kind to develop a style. We’ll get a sense of the culture, then talk about the pictures we can make.

See you soon.

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