Cork Pops, Exhibit Opens!


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the exhibit opening party last night at Le Rouge in New Taipei. We enjoyed a big, fun, energetic crowd. Great times!

The images of Les Rencontres remain on display through June 30. A few new pieces will be added to the exhibit over the coming days.

Many thanks to my colleagues Keisha Chiu and Wendy Hung for showing work as guests. Their compelling images bring intriguing new perspectives to the show.

Thanks to Francis Beauvais and Phoebe Chen of Le Rouge for helping the exhibit go together and for keeping all involved comfortable, welcomed, and well-supplied.

Keisha, Wendy and I thank as well all the collaborators--models, designers, translators and makeup artists--who have made our work possible.

Le Rouge 義法廚房
Address: 1F.419-6, Section 1 Wenhua Road
Banqiao District, New Taipei
台灣 新北市 文化路一段419-6號1樓
Telephone: 02 2255 2861

Open: daily 8:30 to 22:00 (10:00 pm), until 23:00 (11:00 pm) on Fridays and Saturdays
Average meal: NT$250 to NT$500 per person
Details: French and Italian cuisine. Chinese and English menus. Credit cards accepted. Reservations recommended.

Taipei Metro Blue Line
Xinpu MRT Station Exit 1
Walk left upon leaving the exit.

In sight: 7-Eleven on corner.
Le Rouge stands next to it on the left.

Alton's Images


Les Rencontres (Encounters) 相遇

邀請您You are invited to the exhibit opening party.

After Dark

相遇 Les Rencontres (Encounters)
影像.唐伯敦與朋友 Images by Alton Thompson and Friends

A photo exhibit running May 21-June 30
客串艺术家 Guest Artists:
邱敏芳 Keisha Chiu, 洪恩 Wendy Hung

開展派對 Official Opening Party五月二十一日(週六)晚上八點至午夜
May 21 Saturday 20:00 (8:00 pm) to midnight

入場費用 Price of admission:

最低消費一杯飲料 order at least one drink

Le Rouge

Le Rouge 義法廚房
Banqiao District, New Taipei
台灣 新北市

Alton's Images




Tainan University of Technology
Tainan, Taiwan
台灣 台南 台南科技大學
© Alton Thompson 唐博敦

Interpretation by modern Taiwanese artist of concepts by Marcus Vitruvius (c. 70-25 BC) and Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519).
 Alton's Images