Old School Anniversay

Ten years have passed since I first joined Flickr, the seminal photo-sharing site. Wow.

I was encouraged to join Flickr by Google at the time I started my blog. Flickr, a Canadian startup, ran Google adverts, They stopped when the site was bought by Yahoo, ostensibly a Google competitor.

Let me recommend a few photostreams from the many at Flickr that I have enjoyed:

Hengki Koentjoro
Duong Quoc Dinh
Anna Verdina
Carmen Gonzalez
Kevin Best
Giovanna Baldini
Bluesrose (Stella Wind)
Bruno Taddei
US Library of Congress

Here is to all my Old School colleagues, to every collaborating model and impresario and translator and makeup artist, to every visitor who has paid a call. Thanks to every one.


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