Alton’s Images: The Photographer

Alton Thompson is an art photographer, classical musician and author whose images have appeared in a number of exhibits and publications. Alton is a Getty Images contributor.

Alton’s images have been featured in the Taipei Mayor’s Salon and Taiwan’s National Palace Museum. A special series, the Taiwan Mussorgsky Project, consisted of 400 images prepared over two years to be shown in coordination with live performances of Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition in Taiwan’s National Concert Hall. This project was recently the subject of research by Gao Chunhui for Asian Photography Magazine at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Some of the images appear in a free e-book, News from Taiwan, now published by Dimetrodon Media Arts. 

Alton, a Florida native of French and Anglo-Scottish ancestry, now makes his home in Taiwan. He holds degrees from the Florida State University, the University of Memphis, and the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.

Altons Images, Taiwan 
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Shao-Hsun Chang, piano recital exhibitions, Tainan, Taiwan (2016)
Les Rencontres (Encounters): Alton and Friends, New Taipei, Taiwan (2011)
Taipei Artists Collective exhibit, Taipei, Taiwan (2011)

NTNU Concert Exhibition, National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (2010)
Taipei Artists Collective Inaugural Exhibition, Mayor's Salon, Taipei, Taiwan (2010)
Le Rouge Summer Exhibit, New Taipei, Taiwan (2009)
NTNU Concert Exhibition, National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan (2009)
NTNU Concert Exhibition, Zhonghsin Concert Hall, Taichung, Taiwan (2009)
NTNU Concert Exhibition, National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan (2008)

Published Images
Getty Images licensing, USA (2012 to present)
Alton Thompson: News from TaiwanDimetrodon Media Arts  (2014)
Alton Thompson: Five Vignettes, cover
Dimetrodon Media Arts (2014)
’s Believe It or Not! (2014)

Alton Thompson: 1001 Nights & Other Short Stories, cover
Dimetrodon Media Arts (2013)
Global Villages Organisation:
Global Talk: High Intermediate cover (2014 May)

Judith Dupré: Skyscrapers, second edition (2013)
GDL Magazine, Belgium (2013)
Gao Chunhui Asian Photography Magazine, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore (2011)
Degree Brochure cover, Department of Geography, The Florida State University USA (2010)
Interview, My Several Worlds, Carrie Marshall Kellenberger, Taiwan (2010)
Taiwan Photographers: multiple Photo of the Day honours (2009 to present)
Album Cover: Imminence, rock band debut, USA (2009)
José Miguel Hernández: Architecture and Engineering (2009)
Judith Dupré: Skyscrapers, first edition (2008)
Lonely Planet ‘Love’ Challenge Prize (2007)
British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (2007)
PBS: Independent Lens (2007)
C literary magazine (2004)

Contractual Assignment
Siraya Creations (2010)
Shaw Treatment (2009)

Shao-Hsun Chang, pianist (2016, 2017)
Choco Kung (2013 to present)

Tess Chou (2013 to present)
Mandy Kung (2013 to present)
Lauren McCormick (2013)
Simba Tu, model (2012 to present)
Jerry Yang, model (2012 to present)
Nico Yan, model (2011 to present)
Zoe Yi-Chen Kung, model (2011 to present)
Gao Chunhui, graphic communication (2011)
Kyo Rose, model (2010)
Carrie Marshall Kellenberger, travel writer (2010 to present)
Cecilia Ciou, model (2010)
James Eisner, geologist (2010)
Dory Hsu, actress and model (2009 to present)
Cherry Chen, model (2009 to present)
Lunarlu Chen, makeup artist (2009 to present)
Brad Arsenault, entrepreneur (2009 to present)
Melody Hsiao, model (2009-2010)
Judith Dupré, author (2008, 2013)
Apo Ching-Hsin Hsu, conductor (2007 to present)
Mandy Weng, musician and model (2007-2008)
Stephanie Mayer, musician and model (1999-2000)
Willow Lindell, model (1999-2001)

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