Les Rencontres (Encounters) 相遇

邀請您You are invited to the exhibit opening party.

After Dark

相遇 Les Rencontres (Encounters)
影像.唐伯敦與朋友 Images by Alton Thompson and Friends

A photo exhibit running May 21-June 30
客串艺术家 Guest Artists:
邱敏芳 Keisha Chiu, 洪恩 Wendy Hung

開展派對 Official Opening Party五月二十一日(週六)晚上八點至午夜
May 21 Saturday 20:00 (8:00 pm) to midnight

入場費用 Price of admission:

最低消費一杯飲料 order at least one drink

Le Rouge

Le Rouge 義法廚房
Banqiao District, New Taipei
台灣 新北市

Alton's Images

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